Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Quick Knit for the Fall... Berroco's Nimbus Sweater

Lately, I've been in a bit of a design rut..... it seems like there are way too many knitting and crochet bags with design projects started around here, so I decided to just step back and stop getting frustrated with the mess of bags that is consuming the knitting and crochet closet right now and focus on other patterns that I've wanted to try.  There are so many great patterns out there and to keep evolving as a designer, I think it's really important to keep knitting other patterns to learn new techniques and get a fresh perspective.  This helps to keep you inspired and sometimes it's just simply more fun to knit something from someone else....

Many of you know, I love bulkier yarn and thicker needles, so I recently finished knitting Berroco's Nimbus sweater, a great free pattern that knits up quickly and can easily be modified if desired.  I added about 4 inches of length to the body and to the arms and shortened the thickness of the border.  I also decided to use moss stitch on the borders and collar.  Instead of knitting the back and the fronts in three separate pieces, I knitted them all together and then divided at the arms (no need for side seams!).  I also decided to knit the collar right on to the sweater.  This was a good project for me because I'm usually a top down fan, but it was fun knitting from the bottom up this time.  I really like the look of the shoulder seams --- hmm.... maybe you'll see a bottom up sweater design from me at some point in the near future!