Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart Felt Burlap Pillow: Valentine's Day Project

I've had some burlap pillows laying around in the craft closet that I've been wanting to use for a while, so today I pulled out some felt, floss, and a needle and created this very easy Heart Felt Burlap Pillow that's a perfect Valentine's Day Project.  This is so easy!  You can either make your own burlap pillow -- Check out 2 Friends & 2 Cities Burlap Pillow Tutorial -- or you can buy a burlap pillow.  There are a few shops on Etsy that sell plain burlap pillows:  BatesonBoutique and TheRuffledDaisy.  Or, if you have some other types of pillows around the house that could use a little "pick me up," feel free to use one of those.  This is the perfect project to recycle some old pillows.

12" X 12" Burlap Pillow or a different pillow of your choice - feel free to change the pillow size as well

Select the type of pillow you'd like to use.

Cut out your heart from a piece of felt.  This heart measures about six inches wide and about 5 inches tall.

Place the heart on the pillow and get ready to sew.

Knot one end of the floss and attach the felt heart to the pillow with the needle and thread with a simple straight stitch all of the way around. Tie off.

Enjoy your pillow!