Sunday, October 30, 2011

Images of Fall

I thought I'd share some fun images from the weekend.  We had some friends come up for the weekend to share some of the midwest fall and join in some football fun.  We traveled to downtown Chicago on Friday and hit up Millennium Park and Michigan Avenue. 

On Saturday, we drove down to South Bend, IN so my husband and I could see our alma mater's play each other.  It was a great day for football.  You can't beat a sunny, brisk fall day, especially when your school beats your husband's!

This morning was such a peaceful, beautiful Sunday, that I had to capture some of the colors of fall around our house.  We're home recovering from the busy weekend and gearing up for Halloween tomorrow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Stool for Kids

With a ton of crafting and cooking (shhh.....probably much more crafting than cooking some days) going on in this house, a solid step stool is crucial for a 2, almost 3 year old girl who has to be involved in EVERYTHING I'm doing.  As my daughter has blossomed into a busy toddler, I was in search of the best stool for her so she could be a little more self sufficient and feel as though she was a part of things.  I was finding that most stools available had only one step and weren't high enough for her to really help me out in the kitchen.  I found one from Ikea that was very reasonable and the perfect height for her.  We liked it so much, we bought one for the upstairs bathroom as well.  While I wouldn't recommend it for kids who aren't too great with climbing yet, it's perfect for them once they get a little more stable.  Ikea's Bekvam stool is a must for any house with toddlers!

Here's the busy bee helping me out in the kitchen...