Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some DIY Holiday Craft Ideas

While I'm furiously knitting and crocheting Christmas gifts (gifts that I can't share yet because I don't want people to see them before they receive them!), I thought I'd share some other craft ideas that could be easily used for Holiday gifts.  This is that time where I start trying to find anything and everything to make because I love all of the DIY gifts that I'm seeing online.  I find myself having to take a step back and not biting off too many crafts because it's just impossible to get everything done.  First thing I took a step back on, the Christmas cards..... yep, not making them anymore.  I did come up with a design and had it all planned out, but the printing and cutting and gluing just wasn't looking realistic.  So I ordered the cards last night on Tiny Prints (LOVE that website) and can't wait to get them soon!

Anyway, here are some DIY gifts and decorations that might satisfy that crafty gift giving urge you might have!

I love this brooch or holiday gift topper from Betz White

Make It and Love It's T-Shirt Braided headband is great for your little girl or fun to give as a gift.

I just love the idea of paper wreaths.... fun to do with the kids and can be very sophisticated looking!  I saw this on Luvinthemommyhood and the tutorial is here at Finecraftguild.com

And of course, I had to find something involving yarn!  Check out Tangled Happy's Chained Wreath Ornament.... so cute for your tree or maybe for Grandma and Grandpa's?


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