Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Super Quick Crocheted Circle Scarf Pattern

This is the perfect gift for friends and family for the holidays and it's so super quick that you will easily have time to make one for yourself as well. 

This scarf is made holding 3 strands of yarn together at the same time and is crocheted in the round, or more accurately, joined in the round.  In this picture, I used two strands of dark gray and one strand of light gray.  The width and length of this scarf is easily changed by adding/decreasing the number of row and adding/decreasing the number of chains used at the beginning.  The scarf as it is written here is about 6 inches wide and about 80 inches in circumference. 

  • 3 skeins Vanna's Choice Yarn, or any other worsted weight yarn, in the colors of your choice (I suggest using two skeins of the dominant color and one skein of a contrasting color) -- 1 skein is 3.5 oz (100 g), 170 yds (156 m)
  • Size Q Crochet Hook
  • Gauge doesn't really matter with this but finished size will be approximately 6 inches wide and about 80 inches in circumference

A note on yarn, gauge, and joining in the round: A word of warning on the Size Q crochet hook -- it's easy to get a wide variety of gauges with this hook because of it's large size.  I have a tendency to crochet pretty tightly with this hook, so your size may come out a little larger.  Note though, however, with my gauge, I was able to use exactly 3 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn so you may need more yarn if you crochet a little looser with this hook.  If you're worried about going over the amount of yarn, you can start off with fewer chains in the beginning round (i.e., chain 100 instead of 104).  Also, the pattern is worked in the round, but more specifically, it's joined in the round and then the scarf is turned to create a pattern that looks more identical to what it would look like if the scarf was worked flat. 

Ch 104 chains loosely and join in round with a slip stitch, being careful not to twist. 
Round 1: Chain 2.  DC in next ch space and in each ch across to end.  Being careful not to twist the chain, SL ST into first DC (which is the first ch 3) to join chains in the Round.  Turn. Count your stitches at this point.  You should have about 103 stitches at this point. If you don't, that's okay, just be consistent with your number for the rest of the rows as each row should have the same number of stitches.
Round 2:  Chain 2.  DC in each DC from previous row.  SL ST to first stitch to join in the round.  Turn.
Rounds 3-6: Repeat Round 2.  On Row 6, SL ST into first stitch to join and finish off.   Weave in the loose ends.

Ch = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch


  1. Hi, love the scarf, though have a couple of queries? Does your first stitch go into the stitch where you do the Ch2 and you say to 'turn'. Don't understand this as though when crocheting in the round you don't turn?

  2. Thanks for your comment! The first DC goes into the next chain space. Also, I should be saying more accurately "joined in the round". I decided to make this pattern so that it's joined in the round and then the scarf is turned to create a pattern that looks more identical to what it would look like if the scarf was worked flat. I've updated my directions to reflect everything. Thanks again!

  3. Wonderful!!! I Made this using one skein "Red Heart Light & Lofty" (Super Bulky) And Only one more skein of medium worsted wight yarn instead of 3 skeins. Turned out awesome! Super cozy. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. My chain stitches are tighter than my double crochet stitches, and therefore, the chains are being pulled into a circle because the dc are larger. How do I prevent this? Could I just chain 204 and dc into every other one? Thanks.

    1. I made my chain alot looser than the DC. That made it more uniform in size.

  5. Do i join end to end makig a circle?? Lol, sorry, i'm a beginner! :)

  6. I love the scarf, whipped it up on no time at all. Only problem, I am having is how to I put it on to look like yours. I must not be wrapping it right, it just doesn't look right. It looks so pretty on you.